Avalon Craft Cottage began in 1969, in a little shop in the middle of Avalon (on the Northern Beaches of Sydney).  Although that little shop is no more, 50 years on the group is still as active as ever and still producing the high quality craftwork that the members are known for. Many of our members have been with the group for 20, 30 or even 40 years.  One of our original founding members Jenny Fraser is still with the group, her work is still beautiful, she’s just not as prolific as before. The Avalon Craft Cottage has a very strict quality control, so that you know that everything that is on display is well-made and of the highest quality.

After having cancelled all our 2020 sales and most of our 2021 sales due to Covid-19, we resumed our sales in 2022.  We look forward to catching up with as many of our customers as possible. There are hundreds of beautifully hand-crafted gifts & homewares on display, and we would love you to call in, have a look, and chat to the clever members who have made all the items on display.  Our dates & locations will be:

Warriewood Square (outside K Mart)
Monday 10 October to Sunday 16 October

St Ives Shopping Village
Monday 22 August to Sunday 28 August (downstairs, outside newsagent)
Monday 7 November to Sunday 20 November (2 weeks) (upstairs, between NAB and Copper Pan restaurant)

Our crafts
Please click or tap on the pictures & links below to see the details of what crafts our members make: